We offer designing, manufacturing and heat-treatment, all under one roof which cuts out communication problems occurring between the three stages if done by different contractors. We only use modern machine tools, measuring- and testing equipment. We endeavour to recommend better quality steels where needed and deliver higher standard workmanship than originally requested.


Our in-house heat-treatment plant allows us to quickly produce efficient parts for wear or high stress applications.








Another factor which differentiates us from our closest competitors is fast and around the clock service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and availability throughout the year. We stock a large variety of high tensile steels to be able to produce quality components at a moment's notice.

Problem Solving

Our knowledge of earthmoving equipment components and years of experience and expertise in the engineering sector allows us to identify trouble areas and work towards elimination.


Together with our extended knowledge, heat-treatment plant, fully equipped and modern machine shop, material stock and availability, we can improve on most situations that cause problems and produce the best components for most vital situations in the engineering field. We've been solving engineering problems for 40 years in Africa, using First World methods to improve the quality of hard working components.
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